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Vision+10! - English

Hi! I am Cornelia Scala-Hausmann - founder of the institute for future competences in Austria.

I have been traveling for years on a sailboat across the oceans, and so I saw many cultures and a wide variety of people with many different visions.

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"...You are a human being and thus a visionary - you can determine the future!
In our project Futurevision+10, we invite you to share with us YOUR vision, as you imagine your environment and the world in 10 years.

Attention! - The question is constructive! So - how do you WANT the world to be in 10 years 2029?
And the 2nd Question from this: "What are YOU ready to do for it NOW?"

Two very simple questions — two very important steps for your - but also for our - future!..."

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Event: Days of the Future 2019: https://www.tagederzukunft.at/c-a-l-l/

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